Sponsored Direct Offerings®


A TriPoint Sponsored Direct Offering ("TriPoint SDO®" ), is when the company (issuer) becomes public using an investment bank as selling agent and without using a public shell

  • Following registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and subject to compliance with state blue sky laws, a company can sell its shares directly to anyone, including customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, family, friends and others in a SDO®
  • Normally in approximately 180 days, the company will be a fully-reporting issuer with the SEC, trading on the OTCQB, OTCQX, NYSE MKT or NASDAQ depending on the company’s qualifications
  • The SDO® provides several key advantages for small and medium sized companies
  • Cost-effective way for private companies to go public without traditional IPO underwriting fees or costs and negative issues typically associated with a reverse merger
  • Avoids new NYSE and NASDAQ “seasoning rules” that apply to reverse mergers, thereby allows faster graduation to a senior exchange when qualified

The TriPoint SDO® includes the completion of all services required to go public and provides exit for investors

  • TriPoint helps the company follow the right procedures at the start of the process – thereby helping to eliminate un-repairable mistakes that could affect the future trading of issuer's stock
  • TriPoint provides access to professionals, service partners and vendors needed to support the process of going public or secondary offerings including transfer agents, market makers, IR professionals and other advisors
  • Most importantly, with the TriPoint SDO®, investors can deposit their stock certificates and can trade your securities with our firm