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Pre-Offering Preparation


Pre-offering Corporate Restructuring

Key impetus for restructuring

  • Capital raising is nearly impossible for poorly structured companies management/founders are losing their company due to the damaged structure

TriPoint will identify and restructure the claims with creditors, shareholders and employees. The dimensions of restructure will include but not limited to:

  • Asset restructuring
  • Ownership restructuring
  • Incentive restructuring
  • Corporate control
  • Distress related restructuring

Preparation for U.S. Listing

Financials statements that adhere to U.S. GAAP are required in order to go public in the U.S.

  • Pre-auditing work is beneficial in terms of cost and time, since preparation will reduce the number of hours required during the audit

Identify use of proceeds and develop financial projections accordingly

  • A clear understanding of the use of proceeds that fits with the strategic direction of the company is critically important the company should develop a 'ground-up' financial model that quantifies its business plan and expected growth (TriPoint can assist with this process)

Build a strong and experienced management team that is capable of communicating with the investment community

  • TriPoint can assist in recruiting Investor Relations professionals