We are specialists dedicated to helping small and mid-cap companies access U.S. capital markets and achieve their growth objectives.



Our executives have been assisting U.S. and International companies navigate the U.S. public markets for over 20 years. We provide  a full suite of services  including corporate development services, M&A advisory services, regulatory advisory services, fairness opinions, valuations, corporate governance and compliance services


We focus on growth companies seeking capital in the range of $10-100 million through various debt and equity financing instruments. Collectively, we have taken over 100 companies public and are experienced in structuring and placing public equity,  private investments in public equity (PIPEs), private equity and debt financing.


Sales and Trading

Our traders provide quality trade execution using high-speed technology and access to all significant pools of liquidity in the market place. Our trading capabilities also include order routing methodologies aimed at securing the best possible price and execution.