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  • With general solicitation changes, online private placement platforms grow - October 2013 
    Mark Elenowitz, CEO of TriPoint Global Equities LLC, has no use for crowdfunding. "Crowdfunding is basically a charitable donation, with no liquidity and no exit," he said.But he isn't letting that keep TriPoint from capitalizing on a similar kind of fundraising platform—a web portal designed to be a one-stop shop forsecurities-issuing companies, accredited investors, hedge funds and vendors in the private placement market. Elenowitz is rolling out BANQ, TriPoint'sonline private placement platform, in the next 60 days.

    "The idea behind this is to take the public and private offering process digital," he said. "As an investment bank, we can bring quality deals to the platform,along with other investment banks, and accredited investors can have access to the deals." Elenowitz said that while BANQ is an online platform that has similarities to crowdfunding portals, it has nothing to do with the kind of crowdfunding thatmay soon be legalized under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, where companies will be able to raise limited amounts of capital from smallinvestors through online offerings. 
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CNBC surveyed the opinions of the nation's top money managers, investment strategists and professional economists. TriPoint Global Equities was featured as follows:

  • April 28, 2014 Mark Elenowitz, TriPoint Global Equities:" There is an illusion by the public that since there is a bull stock market all is well, when in reality with over regulation of the banks, banks have not increased lending to small business and Main Street is still suffering. Until banks loosen lending, true recovery will be slow"
  • 2013 Mark Elenowitz, TriPoint Global Equities:"In 2011, I stated that we believed the risk of persistent unemployment and other economic headwinds could lead to yet another round of QE. We were the minority but were right. Today in 2013, not much has changed other than a sequestration that is causing harm, debt ceilings that are broken thru, a standoff among politicians, and continued unemployment. Until all parties focus on a practical solution rather than blame and policies that are not working, this cycle and Fed actions will continue"
  • 2011 Mark Elenowitz, TriPoint Global Equities: "We believe the risk of persistent unemployment and other economic headwinds(think $125+ oil) could lead to yet another round of QE, though we believe it will be smaller than QE2"
  • 2010 Mark Elenowitz, TriPoint Global Equities: "My fear is that instead of prompting economic activity through sustained low interest rates, the Fed may provoke a debilitating bout of inflation"
  • 2009 Mark Elenowitz, TriPoint Global Equities: "With the amount of capital that is being pumped into the system by the Government as well as the Government's actions, the economy will experience positive growth and recovery launching a period of prosperity; however with this positive growth will come with significant inflation. The question is not if, but rather when. Hopefully this time around investors and investment professionals will show restraint"
  • 2008 Mark Elenowitz, TriPoint Global Equities: "The short term outlook may look bleak, however this creates an opportunity for the long term market recovery and turn around"
  • 2007 Mark Elenowitz, TriPoint Global Equities: "The market volatility and pull back is a natural part of the cycles of tightening and loosening credit. There is an over reaction of the markets regarding the credit crisis and there are opportunities in some stocks that have been dragged down with the market as a whole"

The Bulls Are... Um, Trotting - July, 2007 Most of our forecasters see stocks heading higher, but don't look for double-digit gains

  • "...We asked six of our best forecasters for the midyear, and tossed in another past winner for good measure...He's (Mark Elenowitz) quite active in China and also working to bring Vietnamese companies public on U.S. exchanges. It's a new developing market that's becoming Westernized,"he says

Mr. Elenowitz was also selected and profiled in BusinessWeek 3 years in a row as a top expert forecaster

  • China Market Update - March 2011 "Companies that want to come to the U.S. now are companies that understand the barriers they have to overcome and that are willing to act in a proper manner," said Mark Elenowitz, chief executive of consulting and M&A firm TriPoint Capital Advisors. "What you are getting now is a better crop of companies that want to go public for the right reasons rather than companies that want to go public for the wrong reasons"
  • Second Quarter Review - July 2010 "Mark Elenowitz, managing director of advisory firm TriPoint Capital Advisors, traditionally chases larger deals and the second quarter was no exception as his firm landed one of the biggest deals, the Keyuan International Group reverse merger and private placement, valued at $26.2 million..."
  • Growing RMB Funds New Capital Source for Chinese Companies - June 2010"...Elenowitz said that there are a number of dollar-denominated Chinese private equity firms that invest in the private placements his firm manages... Elenowitz said that TriPoint Capital has partnered with a U.S. -based hedge fund to raise a $200 million RMB-denominated fund that will invest in private Chinese companies one to three years before the companies go public..."
  • TriPoint Arranges Extra $3M in Upsized Offering for Keyuan Petrochemicals - May 2010"TriPoint Global Equities helped Keyuan Petrochemicals raise an extra $3.05 million in an upsized private placement of convertible preferred stock by the Chinese petrochemicals maker (bringing its total raised in conjunction with its reverse merger last month to $26.2 million)" 
  • Chinese Petrochemical Supplier Raises $23M in Reverse Merger - April 2010 "Keyuan International Group, a Chinese petrochemicals producer, raised about $23.2 million in a reverse merger with the Bulletin Board shell company Silver Pearl Enterprises...TriPoint Global Equities arranged the deal and served as placement agent" 
  • Chinese Energy Services Company Raises $27.6M in Reverse Merger - March 2010"China LianDi Clean Technology Engineering said today that it completed a reverse merger... and raised about $27.6 million...TriPoint Global Equities was the placement agent for the financing and is China LianDi's financial adviser...China LianDi's financing is the largest for a Chinese reverse merger since DealFlow Media's data service PrivateRaise began tracking such deals in 2007"
  • TriPoint Raises $5M for Tianyin - October 2009 "Traditional Chinese medicine maker Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co. raised $5 million in common stock and warrant offering placed by TriPoint Global Equities..."
  • ChinaNet Raises $10M After Merger - September 2009 "ChinaNet Online Holdings, a Chinese advertising company that reverse merged with a U.S. shell in June, raised $10.3 million in a private placement of preferred stock and warrants on August...Mark Elenowitz, chief executive of the company's placement agent, TriPoint Global Equities..."
  • Moqizone Planning Another PIPE - August 2009 "Moqizone Holdings, which completed a reverse merger in June, raised another $900,000 earlier this month and is planning a new round to bring in between $3 million and $5 million... Mark Elenowitz, CEO of investment bank TriPoint Global Equities, said the company decided to keep the offering open into August..."
  • Chinese Media and Ad Firm Goes Public in U.S. - July 2009 "A Chinese media and advertising firm went public in the U.S. on June 26 through a reverse merger with Emazing Interactive Inc. TriPoint Capital Advisors consulted on the transaction"
  • Second Quarter Review - July 2009 
  • Down Market May Cause Rise in Pink Sheet Mergers, Fraud - July 2009 "
  • Year in Review - January 2009