We are specialists dedicated to helping small and mid-cap companies access U.S. capital markets and achieve their growth objectives.



Our executives have been assisting U.S. and International companies navigate the U.S. public markets for over 20 years. We provide  a full suite of services  including corporate development services, M&A advisory services, regulatory advisory services, fairness opinions, valuations, corporate governance and compliance services


We focus on growth companies seeking capital in the range of $10-100 million through various debt and equity financing instruments. Collectively, we have taken over 100 companies public and are experienced in structuring and placing public equity,  private investments in public equity (PIPEs), private equity and debt financing.


Reg +: The small cap ipo

We are really excited about Reg A+ and what it means for the return of the IPO. Our methodology enables Reg A+ offerings to trade on National Securities exchanges if the issuer meets the listing criteria. We made history by completing the first Reg A+ to list on a National Securities Exchange and the first list on the NYSE and has conducted NASDAQ listings as well.

Reinventing the capital markets


The Online Investment Bank

Traditionally, only institutional investors and privileged clients of investment banks were given a chance to invest in small-cap IPOs and private placements by public companies. Individuals had to rely on the secondary market and were rarely given the chance to participate on the initial offering.

BANQ® is the Internet marketplace that is reinventing the whole offering process. We are giving meaning back to the term “public offering” and enabling the crowd to participate in offerings from top tier boutique investment banks.

Through BANQ®, investors will get the first look and the opportunity to invest in capital raises by fast growing, small cap companies; that are either going public or are already listed. The entire process is designed to be seamless for the investor, from the initial account setup right up to the exit, without all the hassle of depositing share certificates. Our experienced brokers are always ready to assist and guide investors at every step.


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Valuable Experience and Industry Knowledge


The Investment Banking Group identifies, advises and finances growth stage micro-cap, small-cap, and mid-cap companies across multiple sectors and regions. We implement deal structures catered to meet the needs of the client and structure transactions that are beneficial to both issuers and investors. We help create long-term shareholder value and implement deal structures that allow clients to quickly graduate to a higher exchange (e.g. NYSE AMERICAN, NYSE, NASDAQ). It is our goal to help ensure the company remains in good public standing and the company's stock has an active and liquid trading market allowing them to grow to the next phase in their development.

Our methodology is to grow with each client and assist them every step of the way with the goal of developing a long-term relationship. Our investment bankers come from diverse backgrounds bringing with them valuable experience, advisory skills and industry knowledge.


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Superior Distribution


The Capital Markets Group ("CMG") is responsible for the marketing, distribution and pricing of all equity offerings. Our CMG has experience in providing direction to clients on market acceptance, valuation, timing and structure of equity offerings.